Meesapulimala is unique with its features, standing at a height of 2640 meters it is the second highest peak in Kerala and one among the very few mountains in Kerala region above 8000 ft. above sea level. Though it is the highest Mountain in Kerala region which can be trekked (Anamudi being the highest but not accessible due to restriction) the accessibility seemed easy as there are trekking programs which are organized by KFDC.


Accommodation – Sky cottageSky Cottage is a unique concept idea for honeymoon couples to spend some special and intimate moments in life. It is the lonely cottage standing aloof on a cliff facing a beautiful waterfall with large glass windows overlooking a splendid view of the lofty mountains and misty hills. Let the moonlight seep through the transparent ceiling and the stars adding glitters to your special moment with the rhythm of the gushing water cascading down the hill and the whisper of the cool breeze. 

Accommodation – Rhoda Valley – Rhoda Mansion

All those who love trekking and enjoy sightseeing by walking around and staying outdoors can choose this Rhoda Valley. The trekking starts from base camp by noon and trek up to Rhodovalley camp which is located at an altitude of 7500ft accompanied by experienced guides. Night stay is arranged in tents in Rhoda Valley. As expected of the outdoor life, campfire and delicious local cuisine is arranged. All facilities such as toilets, electricity is available at Rhoda Valley. The group proceeds to climb the ‘Meesapulimala’ peak and return in the evening.

Accommodation – Base Camp

Guests can stay at Base camp located at the altitude of about 6000 ft (Conveyance can be arranged from Munnar if required). Feel the outdoors by staying in the tents arranged at the camp. Electricity for the camp is generated using micro turbine. The best thing about Munnar is chillness and the climate. Enjoy the night in the outdoors by sitting around the campfire and savour a delicious supper. Spend the night sleeping in the wild. Next morning brings to you an adventurous trek up to Misapulimala located at an altitude of around 8700 feet.